Or “Avoid Being Overwhelmed By Your Genealogy Research”

Has this ever happened to you? You all of a sudden have so much information, or perhaps records and paperwork, you become overwhelmed and don’t know what to do? Or don’t know what to work on first? One thing I’ve never figured out is why genealogical information comes in spurts – sometimes pretty heavy spurts!

Since I started my research about eight years ago, a lot more information has come online. What I collect in paper now isn’t nearly as much as what I collected then. I muddled through a system that worked for me back then. Now I scan whatever little paperwork I receive and file it in my computer (which is backed up online) and add it to my trees online.

The reason I started this post is because it’s one of the articles in the weekly Legacy News I receive via email. Whether you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your research, or you’re a pretty savvy organizer, it’s a good article full of great tips.

Read it here.