Yesterday I received an Historical Society renewal notice. I’ve been a member for several years. In the past, the benefits outweighed the cost of the membership. However since I renewed last year, they’ve increased their prices by half again as much.

I like the benefits that come with membership. But now I’m questioning whether that chunk out of the budget could be used towards genealogy in a better way. I used to belong to a several genealogy groups. One membership lapsed a couple years ago. They weren’t as diligent about reminding their members of upcoming renewals but they did remind me a few times. The other one I let lapse over 5 years ago, and they never did send a renewal notice.

These groups need members and money to continue to exist. But if I don’t feel like I’m getting my money’s worth, I tend to look elsewhere to use my genealogy budget.

An older friend of mine used to say, “If you ain’t got the time, you better have the money. If you ain’t got the money, you better have time.” Currently there’s more time than money in my genealogy budget. And it’s easier to attend a webinar than drive a ways to a meeting, which may or may not be pertinent to my research.

I am curious about others though. Are you a lone researcher? Or do you belong to some societies? Or are you a mover and shaker in some groups? What societies or groups do you belong to? Who has helped you? Or are you a philanthropic member of societies?