Ever found a record at Family Search?

There are some parts of my tree that wouldn’t be there, were it not for that one record I discovered at FamilySearch to help fill in a gap in my family history.

In the past I have done indexing for Family Search. But life got busy, I was using other resources to find records for my tree, and indexing fell by the wayside.

This year’s indexing event takes place July 15–17. I’ve made room on my calendar to do some indexing. Promises were not made to myself about a certain number, only that I will give back to the genealogical community in this small way.

WWIE-2016-participant-badgeI may index a record that makes a huge difference in someone else’s family tree. And hopefully someone else will index a special record that helps me with another branch of my tree…that someone could be you.

If you have a few spare minutes this week-end, why not index a batch or two of records. Then you can put this badge up on your blog!

For more info, and to sign up, click either of the graphics in this blog post.