Starting today, June 29th until July 6th, all UK, US and Irish records will be completely free to search and explore on Findmypast. It’s a special Fourth of July extravaganza!

According to their press release:

  • This includes all 118 million “Immigration & Travel” records, 116 million US marriages, and all UK, Irish and US censuses
  • Over 7 million new US Naturalisation records and over 1.7 million US Passport Applications have also been released, marking the first phase of two brand new collections


If you don’t already have an account at Findmypast, you’ll have to open one to get free access to search all their records.

What a small price to pay!!

I’ve been a subscriber to Findmypast since I cancelled my Ancestry subscription last fall. I must admit I had a little trouble for the first couple of months, until I got used to their search engine. It’s a little different than Ancestry. And I gave up too soon. Had I continued to use it daily (instead of every other week!), it wouldn’t have taken me weeks to learn it!

Now I love it. I’ve found dozens and dozens of ancestors in England, as well as immigration records. Over the week-end I found a British passport application for a great-grand Uncle. And just like TheGenealogyGirl who discovered a record in their United States Marriages Collection that had been eluding her for years, yesterday I found a marriage record from Virginia that wasn’t to be found anywhere else.

Today I discovered a distant cousin who’s occupation was listed as “Biscuit Factory General Labourer It Worker” in The 1939 Register Transcription. Findmypast has been touting their 1939 Register as “41 million lives recorded in one day at the outbreak of World War II.” But all my ancestors had immigrated decades and decades before that. I figured it wasn’t worth looking into. But I forgot there were siblings and parents left behind, who produced more offspring. Now I’m curious to see if it’s possible to pursue these different descendant lines. Wouldn’t it be cool to make a connection with a 4th or 5th cousin over there?!?

If you have some spare time in the next seven days, after all it IS a long holiday week-end (in the States anyhow), take some time getting to know your ancestors.

It’s 7 days of free access to over 1 BILLION RECORDS.

What have you got to lose?

P.S. Leave a comment if you make an exciting discovery!