Reading Family Search’s blog every week or so is a goal of mine. I hadn’t done it for a while. Over the week-end I caught up on their posts and was pleased to discover one entitled: “Relative Race—A New Show on BYUtv“.

It’s four couples, racing across American in ten days to discover new relatives without the help of technology. Participants must ditch GPS and use paper maps!   *gasp*
Grand Prize: $25,000.

But wait, there’s another little twist to this race: they’re searching for relatives who match their DNA results! How intriguing.

The four couples hail from Anchorage, Las Vegas, Seattle and Phoenix.

  • Team Black, the Wrights from Alaska
  • Team Red, the Browns from Nevada
  • Team Blue, the Engbergs from Washington
  • Team Green, The Randalls from Arizona

The first show will be aired Sunday, February 28th at 6:00 p.m. MT on BYUtv. There are a total of 11 episodes.


Ready to participate after watching the trailer? They’re looking for candidates for Season Two right now! The quest for couples was mentioned in the FamilySearch blog post, but no directions as to how you might apply. Perhaps we’ll see recruitment during the show?

So what are your thoughts? Just another reality show? Would you race across the United States in 10 days to find new relatives? Or to win $25,000?

Does the genealogy/DNA aspect intrigue you? Or do you think it’s a blatant advertisement for Ancestry DNA?