The post on getting my mtDNA tested resulted in comments that helped me realize: I am not alone in my lack of understanding about DNA testing. This is something I’ve been wanting to research, but not knowing where or how, and feeling overwhelmed before I started has prevented me from doing much research.

I also thought I needed to understand it all before I blogged about it! Well, that’s not going to happen. Figured maybe it’s better to do little chunks of research, and then post what I’ve learned.

TheGenealogyGirl posted a link in her comment she thought might be helpful about Kitty Cooper’s blog called Musings on Genealogy, Genetics and Gardening. I’ve browsed through many of Kitty’s DNA posts, and there’s a lot of useful, easy to understand information.

CeCe Moore’s articles at were recommended reading. I started with the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test article. It’s fairly short, uncomplicated, and left me with a better understanding about mtDNA, as well as what to expect from the results or matches.

CeCe also added at the end of the article it wasn’t “her first choice for the female genealogist wanting to take her first DNA test.” Hmmm, now they tell me that?

One of the best parts of Kitty’s blog is a DNA Newbie FAQ page. Simply find your question, and click to see the answer. There’s questions there I never thought of!

Now I’ve documented how I started my research, and I have referenced what I learned in an easy to find spot here. If it helps you as well, so much the better.