MH_logo_Vertical_RGBMy Heritage has been in the back of my field of vision for genealogy research. Can’t give you a reason why, maybe just because I didn’t know anyone who used it. Everyone tends to see only the noisy elephant in the room: Ancestry!

Last week Family Tree Webinars hosted a webinar called Seven Unique Technologies for Genealogy Discoveries at MyHeritage. The presenter was Mike Mansfield, Director of Content Operations.

I learned a little about the company. They’ve been in business about 14 years. Did you know they started outside of Tel Aviv, Israel? They now have offices in five international locations. Originally a desktop software family tree program, they’re now an online service. They bought World Vital Records in 2011. In 2013 they acquired Geni. They have 6.3 billion historical records. Mike said they tend to focus on international records.

He went on to explain the Seven Unique Technologies at MyHeritage.

  1. tree-to-tree matching
  2. tree to record matching
  3. newspaper matching
  4. record to record matching (he also called it ‘record back to your tree matching’)
  5. instant discoveries
  6. search to connect
  7. global name translation.

Oh yes, that reminds me. The site is available in FORTY different languages. Pretty impressive.

The rest of the webinar he went into greater depth on those seven unique technologies. If this is something that interests you, the webinar is free to view at Family Tree Webinars.

My Heritage is a subscription service, normally $13.95/mth, but now $9.95/mth (billed annually). I’m not writing the review to say, “Get it.” Mainly I’m writing a brief overview of My Heritage so when my current subscription service expires, I’ll have someplace to refer to if I decide to switch.

As I’ve mentioned before, I cancelled my subscription to Ancestry last year, and went with Find-My-Past. So far I’ve been very happy with what I’ve found there because I did not have Ancestry’s World subscription. I traced a lot of ancestors back to The British Isles, so now I have access to more records to trace back even further.

If you use/used My Heritage, tell me what you think.