Not very many movies leave lasting quotes in my mind, but Magic in the Water did. It’s a good family night movie, no special effects, no earth-shattering plot.

But it took me back to my childhood, and the feelings of love and warmth and protection I felt from my mother. There are times I really miss her. And sometimes I feel like she is totally gone out of my life.

Then an actor throws a line that sinks into my heart: “They’re only gone if you let them be gone.”

It’s true. And it’s the basic premise of this “thing” we do, whether we call it family history, genealogy, or the sterile term, research.

We are looking for ways to find them, recreate them, remember them. And leave a lasting legacy for those who did not have a chance to get to know them.

Next time you research an ancestor, put a little feeling into it. And leave some feeling behind in what you discover about them.

Leaf graphic from clkr
Photo from my collection
Quote from Jack Black, a character in the movie, Magic in the Water