Or is part of Ancestry broken? Sunday I couldn’t update a fact & source I tried to add to an individual. Every time I hit the update button an error message popped up saying it couldn’t complete it, please try again later. So I switched to FamilySearch for a couple days. But the Ancestry screen was still sitting there today so I tried again. Still no luck getting it updated.

Tonight I came back to Ancestry to view my home page, and there’s several sections there that say, “This ‘activity’ is unavailable. Please try again later.” Fill in the blank there with “search” or other  modules I’ve added to my home page. Home pages are supposed to be what the user wants them to be. And I DO look at those modules periodically to keep track of my work. When parts of it are unavailable, it’s like being lost without a map (or GPS!). I don’t know where I’ve been or where I’m going. Maddening.

I cancelled my subscription there last year after getting so frustrated with all the changes. It was worse than being a rat in a maze. Then after New Ancestry rolled out, I found it nearly impossible to get any decent research done due to all the changes, and some STILL don’t make sense to me. I figured paying for that kind of frustration wasn’t healthy.

Two things that bug me the most:

  1. The icons that used to be visible in the gallery now take an extra click. AND they’re mixed up with source graphics? How exactly does this help me? My 2x G-Grandpa has 25 items in his gallery. About half I’ve added, half are from sources. But they’re all mixed together now, making it harder to find what I’m looking for. YES, I know I can sort. But again, more extra clicking. It’s like thinking you can run a marathon, but all of a sudden you have to carry your water, then the whole group’s water, and then the whole cooler of water, and how am I supposed to run now with all this on my back? I spend more time clicking than I do researching or updating.
  2. Hate the new line-up with facts and sources. It was sooo much easier when the sources were listed with the fact. Why on earth would you want to make them into two separate columns? Going back to my 2x G-Grandpa, I have 27 facts in his left column. In the right column there are 31 sources. Do you know what happens when I click on a fact to see its source? There’s a spaghetti plate of purple lines running off the top and bottom of my screen. It’s nearly impossible to determine the source of a fact without scrolling up and down multiple times. Did the programmers know anything about genealogy and research? Or were they just trying to do a pretty makeover?

Out of curiosity, I googled Ancestry complaints. Site Jabber gives them an 18% approval rate. Good Grief! Look at this lady’s comment:

I have loved Ancestry for 14 years but now I hate it and almost have a stoke every time I try to use it. Why does corporate greed always have to ruin everything. I hate the New Ancestry and will not renew the annual membership that I have held for 14 years.

Yeah, I about have a coronary every time I try and use it too. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad….

Just call me grumpy, disgruntled and majorly exasperated.

P.S. Maybe my karma is WAY off today, but now I’ve discovered anything that’s italicized in my blog is showing up blank? I went back to find a graphic I’d used before for rants, and noticed a lot of blank spaces in those posts, like there should be text there. So I highlighted the blank space, and it’s italicized text. Is it just me? Or my browser? Anyone else noticed this?