PeggyTonight at 9:00 pm Eastern, Legacy Family Tree is hosting an intermediate webinar entitled: “The Scots-Irish in America” presented by Peggy Clemens Lauritzen AG. You may remember Peggy as one of the speakers from RootsTech 2016. Her session, “Homespun and Calico: Researching our Foremothers,” was featured during Saturday afternoon’s live stream.

There are three other webinars in Family Tree’s library by Peggy (as well as a future one coming up in June 2016). I had the pleasure of viewing all three when they were broadcast. Not only is Peggy is a very entertaining speaker, she is brimming and running over with a lifetime of genealogy research to share. She claims she was involved in genealogy even before she was born! And she has photos to prove it.

Even if you don’t think you have any Scots-Irish in your background, I highly recommend her webinar. You’ll be entertained, and no doubt learn a thing or two to add to your toolbox.

Family Tree live webinars are free, but you must register to attend. If you can’t make it at the scheduled time, you can view them for free for about 6 days after they are broadcast. After that, you need to be a member to view webinars in their library.

They currently have:

305 classes of Genealogy education
454 hours of Genealogy instruction
1339 pages of Instructors’ handouts

Pretty amazing!