ChrBanYou may remember my post about Find My Past’s Labor Day sale on their yearly membership. After some deliberation, I took them up on their offer, and have occasionally found info there.

Researching overseas is brand new to me however, and “getting the hang” of searching records I’ve never used before has been a wee bit daunting.

So I’ve appreciated the emails I’ve received from Find-My-Past with helpful articles, videos, and tips.

What does all this have to do with Boston Banning Christmas, you ask?!

Their latest email included a video link which led me to this blog subject:

When Boston banned Christmas

The photo at the top says they can’t exchange gifts or even greetings, can’t dress in fine clothing, can’t enjoy feasting, because these are all Satanical practices!

It starts with the following sentence:

Can you imagine receiving a stiff fine
for wishing someone Merry Christmas?

For a look at 16th century Bostonians, read FindMyPast’s blog post.

Then exercise your freedom of speech and wish someone a Merry Christmas!

Holly leaves and berries from webweaver’s free clipart