Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, this new editor WP is making us use, they managed to make it even harder to use.

First of all, hate that my blog posts (published, scheduled or already posted) are now visually represented. Why on earth do I want to scroll down through long paragraphs full of graphics? If I’m looking for a specific post, one line with title and date is plenty to find what I’m looking for. If I want to see my blog posts, I’ll go to the blog, not my editor!

Secondly, scheduling is practically hidden as deep as buried treasure and when I do finally remember where they’ve hidden it, all my choices are in light, LIGHT grey, and I’m leaning this way and that, and standing up to try and figure out what I’m clicking. Hate it! HATE IT!

Thirdly, graphics are not as editable. There used to be a feature that gave three different standard sizes, and another to make the graphic a specific size. If that’s there, I can’t find it anymore. Every time I turn around, they’re dumbing it down. Why can’t I choose specific size anymore? Yes, I can still get around it in the HTML editor, but why should I have to do it that way?

Fourthly, I discovered that “Preview” no longer opens a separate window. Now maybe I’m the only one in the world that likes to switch back and forth between screens, but doggone it, this is ridiculous, having my preview cover up what I’m working on! I like to write a little, hit preview, review it, and decide what needs changing, and go back to my other screen and make the edits. It’s part of my whole visual editing process. It was instant, quick, and allowed my brain to do it’s thing.

Now if I hit preview, this pop-up window takes up to 2-3 minutes (sometimes 4) to cover up my work, while in the meantime I have to watch that insane beep, beep boop animation–Whoever thought that was cute anyway??? It’s soooo annoying. By that time I’m so furious I have little creative energy left to work with. After previewing it four or five times, I’m ready to throw the computer out the window. It’s gotten so bad I can’t even stand to watch it anymore. I play solitaire, as much as a game and a half while waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

Now mind you, I don’t like change. But I can accept change if it makes things in my life better. This is definitely not better, at least not for my poor little brain, which is presently maxed out.

If anyone out there can enlighten me about these “new improvements,” send me a shout. Or roar with me!