Land Of Brave

Happy Veteran’s Day to all military veterans, whether currently serving or retired.

The following taken from John F. Kennedy’s remarks at West Point to the Graduating Class of the U.S. Military Academy:

…And you will recall, I am sure, the lines found in an old sentry box in Gibraltar:

   God and the soldier all men adore
   In time of trouble–and no more,
   For when war is over, and all things righted,
   God is neglected–and the old soldier slighted.

…You and I leave here today to meet our separate responsibilities, to protect our Nation’s vital interests by peaceful means if possible, by resolute action if necessary. And we go forth confident of support and success because we know that we are working and fighting for each other and for all those men and women all over the globe who are determined to be free. 1

For every soldier who has left home to fight for his country, we feel a great debt of gratitude. This special day reminds us yet again how much we owe each one.

If you’re a vet, or you know a vet, please check this out:

Places Veterans Can Eat & Drink Free on Veterans Day

We appreciate what you did, and these places acknowledge your service and sacrifice.

1 The American Presidency Project: John F. Kennedy’s Remarks at West Point to the Graduating Class of the U.S. Military Academy on 6 June 1962

-graphic created with Creating Keepsakes Creative Lettering