NatTedBrDyAccording to the blog on Family Search, today is National Teddy Bear Day. How cool is that – I never knew there was such a day.

They suggest celebrating the memories of your childhood Teddy Bear. I did not have a teddy bear during my childhood, but I did have a teddy bear given me during my sophomore year of college. I don’t think that counts as childhood though!

However I do have memories of one when I was a kid. There was a teddy bear on my parents’ bed. It was an adorable “small-ish” brown bear, probably about 15″ tall. It had a bow around it’s neck and was quite attractive to me as a toddler. Every once in a while, I’d take it off the bed to play with it.

Unfortunately, every time I did that, I got reprimanded either with a swat on the butt (from my Mom), or an all-and-all-out spanking (from my Father). Eventually I learned not to pick up the cute little bear, not even if I was sitting on the bed and only wanted to play make-believe with it.

When I got older they told me the bear belonged to my Father when he was a kid. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t play with it since he never did! But I learned my lesson at a young age: Don’t touch it. Do not even go near the darling little bear.

Both of my parents have now passed over. I still have no clue why the bear was so special to my Father but I’m sure there’s a story behind that forbidden object. Too bad my interest in genealogy and gathering stories wasn’t earlier in my adult life, before an interesting tidbit of my Father’s childhood was lost.

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