Stats ChartDo you check your WordPress site stats regularly?

I’ll admit, newbie (or perhaps ignorant, no wait, make that uneducated) blogger that evidently I am, my stats page was checked rarely.

In trying to find something else in my dashboard today, I stumbled into it. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that something of mine had been featured not only on another blog, but it was a company blog. Worse yet, it was over a month ago, and I never knew about it. 😦

One of my posts from last year entitled, Using Popplet in Genealogy, was discussed on Popplet’s blog. They had a screen shot of a Popplet I created about one of my elusive relatives. The blogger talked about what I learned as I was creating the mind map of my relative.

You can read their blog post here. Popplet is a pretty cool mind mapping tool. If you never combined genealogy with mind mapping, try it. You might like it, especially if you’re a visual person (or dream in color!).

But the purpose of this post is to get those of you who aren’t checking their stats page regularly, to do so. You’re missing out if you don’t.

It contains a lot of useful information. The countries your visitors are from. How many visits (by days, weeks, months, years). Comments. Who’s following your blog. Who’s linked to your blog. And more.

If you’re clueless about finding your stats page (like me!), read more about the stats page at WordPress Support. That way you won’t miss when someone blogs about one of your posts. 🙂