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Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings posted an interesting question under Saturday Night Genealogy Fun:

  1. Have you done a good job of citing your sources in your genealogy management program or online family tree?  How are you doing?  How many source citations do you have, and how many people are in your tree?  What is the sources to persons ratio?
  2. Which master source (e.g., 1900 U.S. census, Find A Grave, specific book, etc.) do you have the most citations for?  How many?  How did you figure this out?

Since it’s late and I want to keep it fun, I’m taking the easy way out. Will post about two of my trees on Ancestry, not all of them. Not sure my brain could take that much math even if it wasn’t late!

Tree #1

  1. I’m with Randy’s answer: “I’m trying.” In the beginning I added information I found without necessarily listing the source. In my newbie ignorance I thought that was good enough.  :^(  I am trying not to be in such a hurry to get to my next “wonderful find” and instead taking more time to document where I’ve found my information. In this tree live 319 people, but I’ve only been working on it a few months. A total of 936 source citations exist with another 216 record hints to wade through. That’s nearly 3 source citations [2.9] for each person. I’m proud of those stats because I’m sure the next tree (which was my first) isn’t nearly as good.
  2. The 1920 U.S. Census has the most citations in this tree: 94. I figured it out from looking in Family Tree Maker under Source Groups (of which I have 23 different source groups).

Tree #2

  1. This is the first tree I started on Ancestry. I knew little about genealogy, let alone source citations. I have much work to catch up in this tree. There are 1,145 relatives in this tree. And 330 marriages, 316 surnames and 14 generations, those are bonus answers! There are 2717 source citations (with another 1228 record hints to wade through). So that’s 2.3 records per person, better than I expected.
  2. The 1920 U.S. Census has the most citations in this tree: 248. And there are 160 difference source groups. Doesn’t seem like I did this many citations, or especially looked through that many source groups! Figured this out the same as above: Family Tree Maker.

I love looking through statistics like this about my ancestors. Sometimes we get so focused each person, or each date and place, that we forget the whole picture. It’s encouraging to look at back at all our work, and how far we’ve come.