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If you heard about FindMyPast’s free access last week-end (March 6-8), perhaps you were able to do some searching as I did. My first few search entries were struggles, but after switching ancestry lines, some interesting finds popped up. One line was extended back from mid 1800s to mid 1700s in England. That discovery will be shared in a later post.

But after the free week-end was over, I compared my finds with the monthly cost ($19.95). I decided with my budget and time limitations for research, it wasn’t a feasible decision.

At some point down the road, I wanted give up Ancestry’s paid account, and use the free account for either a monthly period, or six month period, and explore other research options. I planned to be more organized with my time, more diligent in my research plans and more careful in documenting research. But I decided now was not the time.

That was yesterday! Today I received an email from Billion Graves saying it was the last day to take advantage of their discount to FindMyPast. I’m intrigued, but my little mind says to myself, this was planned by FindMyPast to hit those who explored during their free access week-end!

It’s a gimmick, I figure, just like their $1/month fishing email yesterday which said I could “carry on exploring their records for just $1.”  But if you read the small print, it was only for one month, and they would automatically enroll you in the $20/month plan after that. And in the meantime, your “usage will be monitored and restricted.” “Humptf,” says my little mind!

BillionGraves’ email said today was the last day to take advantage of their discount to Findmypast: A yearly World Subscription for 50% exclusively to all of their users! Again, I’m thinking gimmick: First month 50% off then boom, whammy, second month it jumps to full price.

But I didn’t pay close attention to their wording. In reading their small print, it says it’s 50% for the first year. Apparently the catch is you have to pay for the first year now. They explain it this way on the sign-up page:

Normal price for 12 months (paid in advance) is $16.63/mth. They’re offering 50% off that price, or $8.31/mth.

That’s a significant enough savings in my mind to jump at the offer! But knowing they will automatically renew me in a year at the regular price still makes me hesitate. What is the likelihood of me remembering in a year to cancel the subscription before it’s automatically renewed?

Then I remember a suggestion from Thomas MacEntee during his webinar, “7 Habits of Highly Frugal Genealogists“: Ask your bank for a virtual credit card number. He suggests checking with your bank to verify how it works. You can use it for all online subscriptions so they can’t automatically renew.  Later this afternoon I’ll check that out.

Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas about using FindMyPast, or saving money with online subscriptions?

To read more about Billion Graves’ deal, visit HERE. If you already have an account at Billion Graves, use coupon code BGFMP50 during checkout. But do it before 11:59 pm tonight (March 11).

P.S. If you’re an Apple user, check out Billion Graves updated iOS app. They say it isn’t just any ordinary update. This update completely transforms the app into the “Swiss Army Knives” of cemetery apps! Hmmmm….