Looking Back

Popping into the blog at Family Search usually results in some interesting stories or ideas. Hadn’t been there over a week, so dropped in to see what was new. This title, “The 4 Family Stories You Must Save for Your Children1 caught my eye.

And it got me to thinking: As a family history researcher or amateur genealogist, do I spend most of my time looking up dead relatives? I have to admit my answer is a resounding yes.

The majority of my time is spent collecting records for where they were born, where they lived, who they married, when they died, or where they were buried. I also spend some time on what I call education, attending webinars, reading articles online, or the wiki at Family Search.

But how much of the time I dedicate to this hobby do I spend saving photos or stories, or just information about my current family? I’d have to say probably less than 5%.

What about you? Are you in the same boat? It’s not too late to change your habits. Scrapbook, record, scan, post, or do whatever you need to do to save today’s genealogical information for the future. Your descendants will bless you.

Oh, you wonder about the 4 family stories mentioned in the blog post? Here’s the short version:

  1. Your Love Story
  2. Your Holiday Tradition
  3. Your Family Adventure Story
  4. Your Story Behind Treasured Possessions

If you don’t know what these are, just think about the stories you tell when relatives come over, or you attend family gatherings. Those are the ones you should be writing down or recording (audio or video). Go read the blog post for some awesome examples of those stories!

So what about you? Are you looking backward? Or are you looking forward? Balance your passion for researching family history with preserving today’s family stories and photos.

1Hanna, Karen. “Https://familysearch.org/blog/en/4-family-stories-save-children/.” Family Search Blog. Family Search, 30 Jan. 2015. Web. 4 Feb. 2015.