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ResolutionsContinuing on in the spirit of making goals or resolutions for genealogy in 2015, here are some thoughts I read from Kimberly Powell at about.com.

No more excuses! Almost all of us can admit to getting wrapped up in the hunt for ancestors and letting other important things slide (and I am not talking about the laundry). Most of us have notes piled on the floor, shoeboxes full of unlabeled photos, classes we have planned to take, relatives we have been meaning to interview and other researchers we have been intending to contact.

If you’re like me and want to take your genealogy research to the next level, choose a goal (or two or three) from this genealogy ‘To Do’ list and get started. Let’s make this the year that we finally get organized and really work on improving our genealogical or family history research skills.

Her “To Do” list includes these ideas:

  1. Interview a relative
  2. Learn a new research skill — take a class
  3. Organize yourself and your records
  4. Set aside specific time
  5. Take care of your photos
  6. Get a research partner – join a society
  7. File your email and texts and posts
  8. Flesh our your ancestors
  9. Share your discoveries
  10. Volunteer

For explanations of each idea and other source articles, read her complete blog post: 10 Top Genealogy Resolutions

Part of the above is a reblog from Kimberly Powell, Genealogy Expert at About.com