Happy 2015

It’s a new year.

Time to turn over a new leaf, make new plans, accomplish different goals….get back into genealogy!

The unplanned hiatus is over, thanks to The Genealogy Girl’s gentle nudging. So one of my bigger goals is to return to my genealogy research as well as blogging.

Although genealogy research (and blogging) fell by the wayside, I did continue to attend webinars, and learned a lot of new things. Here are some of the ones I enjoyed the most in the last three months:

  • A Library at Your Fingertips – the Internet Archive by Maureen Taylor
  • Overcoming Destroyed or Missing Records by Karen Clifford
  • Welcome to FamilySearch Indexing! by Devin Ashby
  • Tracking Migration Using the Draper Manuscripts by Mary Hill
  • Using Evernote for Genealogy by Lisa Louise Cook
  • Researching Your War of 1812 Ancestor by Thomas MacEntee
  • Can You Hear Me Now? Voice Recognition Software for Genealogists by Luana Darby

All of the above webinars are available in the Family Tree Webinars Archive.

The dive into DNA occurred during that last quarter of 2014, and now we are awaiting the results and maybe some matches. Hopefully new cousins will pop up along the way.

The new year holds much promise for genealogy research and discoveries.