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It’s Halloween. Don’t really celebrate the holiday any more, but found it interesting that an old connection came back to tantalize and haunt me today.

In August, I wrote about a photo found in Hawaii of some of my relatives: The George Brecheisen family.

George, Elizabeth, Adelia, Millard & Carl Brecheisen

l to r: Elizabeth (Shumacher), Adelia, Carl, Millard, George Brecheisen

In a September post, Photo from Hawaii, part 2, I talked about on the back of the photo were written the words. “George Breckhisen, some relative of my father Tillman Miller.”

Although I’ve worked off and on to figure out the relationship, I haven’t been successful. It was sitting on the back burner, percolating away.

Today the gentleman in Hawaii contacted me about more info he’s found about Amanda Miller, Tillman’s wife: an Ohio death certificate. She died 10 March 1931 in New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. According to said death certificate, her mother was a Thompson. Great to know her mother’s maiden name. That may come in handy down the road!

According to Find-A-Grave, Amanda Miller, along with her husband Tillman, are buried in East Avenue Cemetery in New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

They most likely lived their entire lives in Tuscarawas County. George’s three older siblings were born in France. But he was born in Ohio, and lived in Green, Ashland, Ohio for the 1860 census.

Although Tuscarawas County and Ashland County aren’t next to each other, they are close enough for relatives to have settled in.


image from Wikipedia Public Domain

The Hawaiian gentleman also found siblings of Amanda, including one named Caroline. And on the back of the latest photo it says something like, Aunt ‘Cal,’ sister to my grandmother Amanda Miller. She never married. Cal could conceivably be a nickname for Caroline.

I still suspect George Brecheisen and Tillman Miller might be cousins due to the closeness in their birthdates (George – 1855 and Tillman – 1859). But there’s a lot more work to do to prove this theory, to say nothing about trying to flesh out the Miller line further to #1, prove this is the right Miller family, and #2, try to see where the connection lies between the two lines.

Maybe a solution to this puzzle that keeps coming back to haunt me will be my Christmas present!