Visiting cemeteries is enjoyable to me…any cemetery, anywhere! I’ve been known to walk out of a restaurant and across a parking lot to explore a cemetery. If I’m driving out in the country, and I see an interesting, especially older cemetery, I’ll pull over to check it out.

So if you love cemeteries too, you might want to participate in an upcoming event called “Preserve Your Local Cemetery.”

Find-A-Grave is having a Global Cemetery Meet-up on Saturday, October 18. They want you to “Do your part for history,” and “Preserve your local cemetery.”

Basically you just visit a cemetery, take some photos (or videos), fulfill a photo request from Find-A-Grave, participate in a meet-up at a cemetery, or plan your own cemetery meet-up by inviting friends and relatives to go with you.

For more details and ideas, visit Find-a-Grave Community Day.

Even if you can’t participate on Saturday, the 18th, download their app* so you’re ready when you do visit a cemetery. The tombstones you capture with your camera will thrill one of their relatives someday.

*Currently only compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch