A post over on Moore Genealogy called, “A Special Place,” got me to thinking. I can’t recall a special place in my childhood, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have a photo of it.

However, I do have special places as an adult I love to visit. I walk the dog, hike, bike, camp, and while exploring the outdoors, I’ve found quite a few special places.

Here is one I call “Outdoor Cathedral.”

Bike Path

It’s on a bike path I visit infrequently. But every time I go there, I am inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the trees which cradle the path.

Before I reach this area, there are pines and fruit trees, and tall grass beside the trail. Then there’s a little downward dip in the path and I am gently ushered into such tranquil beauty that I always stop and look upward, as the tree branches direct me to do. After I have gazed heavenward for a while, I look at the path and am always enchanted by the patterns made from the sun shining through the tree limbs. In this photo, they remind me of stained glass…minus the coloring, of course.

The view down this bike path is awe inspiring to me, and always makes me stop and think about how beautiful nature is. And how frequently we are so busy we don’t stop to appreciate it.

When I look at the tree lifting their limbs towards heaven, and how they form a ceiling over the path, it truly feels like an outdoor cathedral. We don’t always need beautiful buildings or stained glass or powerful organ music to hear God.

Just step outside into nature…and look, and listen to His creation.