About a week and a half ago, I was contacted by someone I had corresponded with in Ancestry a couple years ago. She noticed a social media post about a photo with a surname that matched one in my tree.

She asked if it might be one of my relatives. I checked, and sure enough, that George Brecheisen appeared to be my George Brecheisen. She put me in contact with the person who found the photo in an antique shop, in Hawaii, of all places. After emailing back and forth a few times, he agreed to sell it to me for cost of the photo plus postage.

Yesterday I received it in the mail! I can’t tell you the pride and pleasure it gave me to open that envelope and look at the faces of the Brecheisen family.

George Brecheisen, Elizabeth (Shumacher) Brecheisen, Adelia Brecheisen, Carl August Brecheisen

l to r: Elizabeth (Shumacher), Adelia, Carl, Millard, George Brecheisen

Appears to be a special occasion, as they are certainly dressed up. On the back of the photo someone has written, “George Breckhisen, some relative of my father Tillman Miller.”

Adelia BrecheisenHere is a photo of an older Adelia. I see a resemblance not only to the teenager Adelia in the above photo, but there’s a strong family resemblance to her mother. What do you think? Do we have the right family, even if it was discovered over in Hawaii?!

Since I’m short on time, I used Ancestry’s story view to quickly generate George’s story.

click to view larger image

click to view larger image

I am posting the photo along with George’s Life Story in hopes that during a search, some of his descendants will find the photo, and hopefully fill us in with more details of his life. Maybe the relationship of Tillman Miller will be explained. It is also hoped that the mysterious journey of the photo from Michigan to Hawaii will be discovered!