Caution_Rant-AlertIs Ancestry desperate to get our money or is it just me?

We lost electricity this morning. Of course that meant my computer had to be rebooted. And I had to sign into Ancestry again. When I jumped on their front page, I was greeted with a giant “in-your-face” ad about signing up, and of course, “Who Do You Think You Are?” promo.

OK, I can take that. Best place to get people is on the front page. However, after I signed in, it again presented me with a giant, “cover-my-whole-monitor” ad saying that I had tried to access an International record.

Um, no. No, I have NOT tried to access any International records. I’m working on Mary Lefler’s siblings, who are mostly in Arkansas and Missouri. Last I knew, they still belonged to the United States! Because I’d tried to access an International Record, they’d give me 20% off the regular price. No, thank you.

I closed that screen and expected my home page to come up. Nope. They’re not done with advertisements yet!

Now I have a pop-up autosomal DNA ad, another 20% off the regular price sale. Which just rubs me the wrong way since they’re discontinuing part of their DNA program [Y-DNA and mtDNA tests]1. It was supposed to end Sept. 1, but they’ve extended the time until the end of September to move DNA results somewhere else due to “recent site issues.” Don’t even get me going on all their site issues this summer.

And while I’m on the subject of annoying things there, why hasn’t the “Recent Member Connect Activity” module updated lately? Seems like it only updates about every two or three weeks, and when it does, there are big gaps. I have 8 trees in Ancestry, and for quite some time, there’s been notifications every day. Every day. “Now nothing since August 12th,” she mumbles as she stomps off into the sunset.

Here is a P.S. to my post. In reading about Ancestry on Wikipedia, I discovered this interesting fact about loss of subscribers this year: “In the second quarter of 2014, Ancestry had 2.11 million users, for a loss of 52,000 subscribers when compared to the first quarter of 2014.” 2

For a great in-depth discussion about this loss and much more, read “The Truth Behind Ancestry.com’s Recent Subscriber Losses“.3

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