Continuing on my theme of ‘learning’ from yesterday, today’s post is about Free Classes at the Family History Library. OK, you say, I don’t live anywhere near there.


Family Search to the Rescue!

No worries! If you can’t attend in person, most eventually show up on Family Search’s Learning Center. September’s topics include:

    • Sept. 6: Registros civiles y parroquiale
    • Sept. 6: South African Research Webinar Series
    • Sept. 12: Swiss Research Series
    • Sept. 15-19: *Ireland Research Series Webinar. Two classes will be held each day, starting at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The topics include “Jurisdictions,” “Websites,” “Emigration,” “Census and Census Substitutes,” “Civil Registration,” “Catholic Church Records,” “Church of Ireland Church Records,” “Land Records,” “Presbyterian Church Records,” and “Scotch-Irish Research
    • Sept. 20: Boy Scout Merit Badge Workshop
    • Sept. 20: *Danish Research Series Webinar
    • Sept. 20: *U. S. Immigration Research Series
    • Sept. 20: Hispanic Research Series1

*Registration is required for classes with an asterisk.

Bet there’s something there that covers one branch of your family tree! If not, there are plenty more in the Learning Center. Search by place, skill level, subject, format, or subject language to find what interests you.

If you have a branch of your family tree that’s giving you fits (that old brick wall), get a new perspective by researching a topic that may help you extend that branch.

It’s OK not to research every spare moment. In fact, experts say it’s good to step back once in a while instead of doing only research. Gives your brain a chance to recuperate and figure out new methods of finding those elusive ancestors.

Balance….isn’t that what life is all about?

1Info obtained from Family Search’s blog post on 20 Aug 2014 entitled “Family History Library Announces Free Classes for September.”