During the past few days, there were many ceremonies of the 100th anniversary for the start of World War I. In looking for a graphic to use for this blog post, I collected the following sayings:

“Why aren’t you in Khaki?”
“Irishmen, Avenge the Lusitania”
“Take Up the Sword of Justice”
“Your King & Country Need You
to maintain the honour & glory of the British Empire”
“Britain’s Strong Arm and Yours will carry us through”
“Rally Round the Flag. We must have more men.”

It must have been a frenzied atmosphere with posters everywhere, and stories and ads in the newspapers. And the men pushing forward to serve (and save) their country.

On August 1, The National Archives of the United Kingdom launched an interactive online map of the outbreak of WWI. You can click and read about  key events, historical figures, and some lesser known stories from the war.

There will be additions to the map over the next four years to include others who joined in the war effort. Right now it’s focused on the countries across the British Empire who fought during wartime.

You can read more about the project on their blog: The First World War: a global view.

Even if you’re not a history buff, you’ll enjoy clicking on their map. If you are a lover of history, and especially enjoy learning about WWI, you can spend quite a while there checking everything out. It’s pretty cool. Thank you, National Archives.