While jumping around some genealogy blogs I hadn’t visited recently I ran across this post:

Preview of FamilySearch’s New Family Tree App

At a recent meeting of FamilySearch employees, volunteers and consultants, Craig Miller, director of Product Development, introduced and demonstrated a new mobile app that allows users to use FamilySearch from the convenience of their own mobile device. This mobile app will be available in 2014.

~fr James Tanner’s post on Genealogy’s Star blog: Wednesday, October 2, 2013



I was quite intrigued by the App since it literally puts my family tree in my back pocket, accessible wherever I happen to be. And it allows me to take photos and videos with my Android phone or tablet and then immediately add them to FamilySearch Family Tree.

But in Googling ‘Family Search App,’ most of the results are about Family Search discontinuing their indexing app. I am not finding much about how far along they are in developing the family tree, or even if it’s in beta yet.

Since it was supposed to be out this year (and we’re almost halfway through 2014), was wondering if anyone’s heard anymore about this app?