Perhaps my mind is still stuck in Memorial Day mode. I’ve been thinking about cemeteries this week. And who’s buried where. My immediate relatives are not buried nearby. The closest is my 2-g-grandparents, and then it goes sideways and back from there. Or so I thought.

But then I got to thinking about my post “Are You My Cousin” from last week, and realized I do have a cousin [1st cousin 2x removed. Yes, I had to use Ancestry’s ‘View Relationship to Me’ to figure it out!] buried not too far away. Since I was on my way home from a brief trip over the weekend, I varied my route to stop by this cemetery.

About three years ago I had emailed them to inquire if she was buried there. They sent back a nice reply, with her division #, section #, and her plot #, which I was positive I had added to her Ancestry profile. Ah, the best laid plans…except it wasn’t well laid plans. It was a simple spur of the moment change in a trip route!

When I got to the cemetery, and used my Ancestry App to look it up, I realized it was not in her profile. What to do – what to do? I racked my brain, trying to remember the map the cemetery had also sent with the email, which of course wasn’t scanned and added to her profile either!

And could I find it in my email box? Of course not!! This is where I’m thinking it doesn’t matter how many apps you have. “Smart phones are only as smart as their owners.” *lol* I wasn’t feeling so smart at that moment!

I was thinking it was near the back of the cemetery. Made sense, since she was buried near the beginning of last century. Seemed it was about 4-6 rows from the back, and near-ish the middle!

Rows 4-6 were walked first with no success. Then I walked the rows at the back, 1 – 3. Didn’t find her there either. So far I had stayed between the two roads surrounding this section. I was pretty sure I was in the right section, so I began to work my way from the back of the cemetery towards the front.

Did mention how very bad the mosquitoes were? I returned to my vehicle to put on a sweatshirt and a hat even tho the temps were warm. And continued to walk. And read. And peer and poke around. Made it through about row 13 or 14 — I’d lost count by then!

Finally I decided it simply wasn’t feasible because #1, the mosquitoes were really buzzing around me by that time. I was the only feast in the cemetery, and they must have sent signals to every mosquito within a 5 mile tadius. #2, the cemetery was closing in a half hour, so I figured I’d use the rest of my time taking photos that struck my eye.

 Cemetery Markers

Moral of story? If you’re going to do things on impulse, be prepared for possible disappointment. OK, it wasn’t really a disappointment for me, but things didn’t go like I expected. I still had a good time looking at all the markers, and now I know my way to the cemetery when I go back….Prepared.