Often I have bemoaned the notion that I don’t seem to have a lot of photos of my ancestors. In trying to come up with a post for today, I thought throwing up a photo would be quick.

I started looking on my maternal side of the family and was surprised to see if I go up 3 generations, and go back from there, I have one, [1], ONE, single photo in my direct line. I’ve always told people I don’t have very many photos in my tree. Now it’s apparent how truthful I have been!

How can this be? I remember my Mom dragging out photo albums and going over them with me. I spent many holidays, Sundays, and overnight stays with my maternal grandmother. She also would get pictures out of a drawer, or scrapbooks with her ancestors in them. Where did they all go?

Unless there’s a historian or ancestor keeper in the family, they go the common route a lot of photos go. They get lost. Or sold at estate sales, or worse yet, get thrown away.

Photos are precious. Do what you can now to preserve them. Make copies and display them prominently in your home. Digitally back them up: in more than one place. Put the originals in a safe place.

And don’t feel it is silly to include information in your will about your photos and genealogical information. Thomas MacEntee has mentioned several times in webinars he has specific directions about what happens to his family tree, records and photos after he dies.

Research, Live, Plan

And now that I know there’s hardly any maternal direct line photos to choose from, I’m off to check out the paternal side of the family. After all, it’s June, the month we celebrate Fathers.