Did you know May 30 is the old traditional day to celebrate Memorial Day? Are you old enough to remember celebrating on May 30?! In 1971 Congress passed the law to set the holiday on the last Monday in May. So Happy Memorial Day again!

On this traditional day which used to be called Decoration Day, I’m posting about a new webpage that could help you find information about your ancestors who fought in the Civil War.

FamilySearchLogoYesterday I wrote about an article I found on Family Search’s blog. Of course you use Family Search in your genealogy research. But do you follow their blog?

If you don’t check in with Family Search’s blog regularly, you could be missing important updates to their website, or postings of recently added collections.

Don’t know how to find their blog? If you’re like me when you visit Family Search, you probably go directly to their search feature.

Family Search "Search" featureNinety-five percent of the time when I head to Family Search, I’m clicking that Search button!

But I also read their blog frequently to see what’s happening and especially to see what new collections have been added. Scroll to the bottom of any of their pages and you’ll see a link for the blog.

Family Search Blog Screen Shot


In checking their blog, I found these recent topics:

  • Family History Research Keeps Getting Easier! (my blog post yesterday)
  • The Family History Library Announces Free Classes and Events for June
  • Great Web Tools for Searching Historic Newspapers
  • Memorial Day—A Day of Remembering
  • Happy 15th Birthday FamilySearch!
  • Gracias, Obrigado, THANK YOU!
  • The Joy of a Signature

All great reads. But I was most excited to see:

Yippee! More military records!! Since I have some relatives that fought in the Civil War, I’m anxious to check these recently added collections to see if I can put “more flesh on their bones.”

Not only that, there’s a new FamilySearch Civil-War landing page. It’s described as providing a quick overview of the vast array of historic records and aids for those researching casualties and veterans of the Civil War. Our nation is still in the middle of celebrating The Sesquicentennial of the Civil War.

Whether you’re a certified genealogist or just beginning your genealogy quest (and everyone else in between), there is always something new you can learn. It is my firm belief, “If you quit learning, your genealogy wheels quit turning!

So I was interested to see what they had to share.

Family Search Civil War Screen Shot

A long list of their collections related to the Civil War. A Family Search Wiki specifically about the Civil War (love their wikis). Faces of the Civil War — could you be related to one of these famous faces?

And research courses. Oh boy! Multimedia courses, available at your convenience. Free online courses, taught by experts to help you discover more about your ancestors in the Civil War.

Looks like I got a nudge in what direction my genealogy research may be heading in the near future!

If you have ancestors who fought in the Civil War, or think you might have ancestors who fought, go take a look around. And let us know what you find there about your relatives.