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FamilySearchLogoYou know those little shaking leaves in Ancestry, the ones that contain hints they’ve found for your ancestors? A hint feature will be available soon on Family Search.

The steps they have taken forward in the past few years are fantastic. This latest feature called hinting, will save a lot of time when searching for records. They’ll automatically search for records that match people in your family tree. Then when you visit people, those hints will show up on your ancestor’s page.

If you have a tree on Family Search, you are probably aware of their search records link on an ancestor’s page that automatically fills in the search query for you. They say finding records of your ancestors will be so much easier with this new hinting feature.

 No more looking through hundreds of search results. The system does the heavy lifting for you!!! It really is that easy!

When launched, this new hinting feature will go through the vast FamilySearch database of records and find the records for you that the hinting feature thinks might be about your specific ancestor. Just click and confirm the ones that are correct! We think you’ll be impressed.

 ~from Family Search blog post 28 May 2014 by David Green

When the new hinting technology goes into effect, it will also make adding other people in those records much easier.

To make this new hints feature work the best for you, here’s a few things you can do to prepare for it.

    • Register and login. Make sure that your username and password work.
    • Check your data. The better your ancestors’ data is, the better we will be able to match records and provide you with good hints. Check names, dates, places, relationships, and so forth.
    • Add any new data to your tree as you find it. The more data you have on your ancestors, the better will be the likelihood of a quality hint. So, if your tree looks a little bare, add what you know, and fill in as much as you can. It will definitely help.
 ~from Family Search blog post 28 May 2014 by David Green

Of course the caveat here is you have to have created a tree on Family Search! If you haven’t, what better incentive is there to create one?!