Legacy Family Tree Webinars Today’s Legacy Family Tree webinar is a little unusual, at least it’s not somewhere I’d have thought to look for ancestors. It’s entitled, “Using Tax Lists to Solve Genealogical Problems“.

Truly, is this something you’d use to help in your genealogy? I must admit, it wasn’t at the top of my list of places to look….or at the bottom either!

But one thing I have learned from watching Legacy Family Tree Webinars is the speakers generally have a lot more knowledge and information about ferreting out ancestors and facts about their lives than I do.

The description of today’s webinar says, “Benjamin Franklin is said to have stated, ‘The only things certain in life are death and taxes.’ Taxation can take (and has taken) many forms. The mission of this presentation is to discuss some of the ways in which our ancestors were taxed, the records that were created, and where we might find those records. Additionally you’ll learn how those tax records may help you solve some of your genealogical questions.” The presenter is Linda Woodward Geiger.

Curious about it? Why not register to attend the webinar this afternoon?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
2:00 pm Eastern
1:00 pm Central
12:00 pm Mountain
11:00 am Pacific
6:00 pm GMT

If that isn’t possible with your schedule, the webinar will be free to view for the next week before it is placed in the archives. Just check Family Tree Webinars to find it. Geoff usually has it up online less than 60 minutes after it finishes.

Next webinar is on June 11 entitled: “German Internet Research: A Launching Place for Your Research,” by James M. Beidler.