That’s the title of the third webinar I’ve attended this week! Presented by Legacy Family Tree, it covered lesser known parts of Google you can use for genealogy.

ALERTS: Instead of trying to remember every week or month to go out and manually search for your relatives, set up a Google alert. Let Google automatically search and send you an alert when it finds new information that may have been recently uploaded about your relatives. Frees up more time for your genealogy research!

IMAGE SEARCH: Bet you use the regular Google search every day. Did you know you can use your own image and have Google search for matching images or locations? This is awesome.

What if you have a photo but you don’t know where it was taken? Plug it into Google’s Image Search and see what comes up. Perhaps you have a picture of someone you think is a relative, but you don’t know who it is. Let Google go out and search for that person. We live in a modern technological era. Use technology to your advantage!

A little help after you land on the above page. Click the camera at the end of the “search” line and upload your photo. Then click ‘search’.

For more info about the above, or other tips, hints and hard-to-beat advice, watch Legacy Family Tree’s Googling Around webinar free for the next week.