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Thomas MacEntee

Thomas MacEntee

“7 Habits of the Frugal Genealogist” was Legacy Family Tree’s webinar today presented by Thomas MacEntee. You can view the recording for free until April 9, 2014. Then you must be a Legacy Family Tree Webinar member to watch it in the archives.

Thomas MacEntee is one of my favorite webinar speakers. If you care about saving money, this webinar is well worth watching. In the first half hour, he covered the seven habits you as a genealogist should use to save money. Then in the next half hour, he went on to give eight more habits!

Some of these you might not have thought about. Here are a couple examples:

  1. Get free stuff over Holidays. You may have already noticed this on Ancestry or another subscription site. Ancestry just had their Irish records free for a period near St. Patrick’s Day. Memorial Day can mean free access to military records. Get on a mailing list, RSS feed, Twitter, or other notification to keep up with subscription service news.
  2. When subscribing online, use a virtual credit card #. Designed to be used once, this is especially handy if you forget when your subscription renews: no surprise withdrawal. Check with your bank to see if they offer virtual credit card numbers.

For the other 13 tips he covered in the webinar, check out the video on Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

By the way, there’s another free webinar coming up this Saturday (April 5, 2014) entitled Googling Around with Google and other Technology”.

Google and the genealogist were meant for each other. In this webinar you will learn how to unlock some of Google’s secrets:

  • How to help our ancestors find us with Google Alerts.
  • How to better craft Google Searches with Douglas Barry’s customized Google Search form.
  • How and why to search with a digital image instead of a phrase.
  • How to set up a Google Calendar and how to optionally embed other kinds of calendars.
  • How to view historical state and county boundaries (similar to AniMap, but for free) with Google Earth.
  • Other fun technology as time permits

This class is being presented to a live audience as part of the Sacramento Genealogical Society’s annual spring seminar. The seminar committee invites you – the live worldwide webinar audience – to join with them for this special class.

Go sign up!