SPD-PastSmithAlthough I have ancestors from Ireland, I have not been able to make the jump back over the ocean. But I grew up knowing my maternal grandfather’s line led back to Ireland, somewhere in the SW corner, according to family lore.

They were most likely Protestant, as my grandfather ranted and raved about Catholics. And my mother often warned me not to talk any friends in my grandfather’s presence that had Catholic-sounding last names…whatever that was. As a young child I didn’t even understand what made someone a Catholic, let alone who had a Catholic-sounding last name. So mostly I didn’t worry about it and choose my friends by who I liked, not what their religion was.

How many generations does it take to lose prejudices? My grandfather’s g-grandfather (my 3-g-grandfather) was born in New York. And there the trail ends. How many more generations back to Ireland, I don’t know. How long had this prejudice been passed down to the descendants?

The roots of this run deep, and is still passed down in some places. May peace someday rule the green Emerald Isle.