Instead of starting on the search page of Find-A-Grave, I happened to land on the front page today. And there it was: “The Free Find-A-Grave Mobile App is Here”.

Find-A-Grave App

They proclaim it’s the greatest addition to Find-A-Grave since Marilyn Monroe! Don’t know about that, but it is pretty exciting that at least one of the apps is finally out of beta. Downloadable from the iTunes store, it appears to have the major features available at their website.

  • Search
  • Add photo
  • Create a memorial
  • Request a photo

Plus a “Share” button. If that’s been on their website, I’ve missed it. And the ability to add GPS to a marker.

Yippee! What a tremendous help this will be for adding new memorials as well as finding ancestors’ graves in a cemetery I’ve never been to. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until the Android App comes out to take it for a test drive.