Judy Russell presented a Legacy Family Tree webinar yesterday called, “The Ties That Bond.” She’s a lawyer, so Bond refers to those legal documents presented as a surety (don’t quote me on that – me and legalize are still learning to live together).

You’ve heard of Bail Bonds, right? Well, there’s also Marriage Bonds, Bastardy Bonds (no longer used!), Appearance Bonds, Official Bonds and many others.

Anyhow, the point of the webinar was, you can use bonds to find family members, their friends, neighbors and associates – and their stories.

Where can you find these bonds? View her post over at The Legal Genealogist.

This looks like another possible brick wall buster! If you haven’t used this little known genealogy source before, watch her webinar:

The Ties That Bond – Free to view until February 26, 2014.

Good news though if you miss the free viewing: the above linked page lists all kinds of legal dictionaries and other books to help you decipher your family’s bonds.

So learn a new skill, go check it out.