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Some people have trouble thinking of a blog post. Hasn’t been my problem yet, but maybe someday! Here’s 5 ways to find that inspirational, illuminating, incentive for your post.

1. Use a quote. Read the text, then read it again. What does it make you think about? Who comes to mind when you read it? Make it into a graphic if you’re artistic. Check out The Genealogy Girl’s quotes. Don’t know where to find quotes? Dictionary.com has a quote section. Try their random button. Keep trying until your blogging wheels start churning!

2. Maybe you’re more graphically oriented. Look at pictures, then ask yourself the same above questions. Or how does it make you feel? Sad? Happy? Angry? And why? Dig through your family photos. Surely there’s someone in there you can talk about. Or maybe you don’t know who they are. Post the pic with as much as you know. Maybe someone will see it and you’ll find your answer.

3. Attend a webinar. There are lots of free genealogy webinars online. Geneabloggers is one of the best places to find them. Yes, my blog is mostly about genealogy and ancestors. But the same principles apply. Choose your passionate interest and do a search – Find some training, watch a webinar. Then tell the world what you learned.

4. Try Plinky – Inspiration delivered daily. It might sound silly, having questions sent to you every day. But it works for some people. The worst that could happen is you find out it doesn’t work for you. Best case scenario: It might just be the magic factor that gets your blogging motor running.

5. Read a book, or peruse other blogs. It’s amazing what can happen when you do this. You’ll have a reaction to what you saw. Then a thought – and another thought! Pretty soon you have enough for a blog post. If nothing happens in your brain but you like a post, reblog it. The author will probably appreciate the extra publicity. Just be sure you use the reblog button in their post, or give them proper credit on your blog.

So there you have it. A few of the things that have worked for me. Mostly you just need an open mind, and don’t get stressed about posting. The next time I can’t think of anything to blog about, I’ll have something to jog my memory!