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This question is not asking about the people who live with you. It’s more of a general term for your whole ancestral household.

…one’s foes will be members of one’s own household

~unknown author

Are there any foes in your ancestral household? You know, people who refuse to show up in censuses, the ones you can’t find a marriage record for, some even refuse to cough up a record of birth. How rude!

And very frustrating. If you’re seeing a theme in my posts this week, it’s because I’m attacking those dead end family tree lines with a vengeance. One huge success over the week-end has given me new inspiration to extend the shorter branches of my family tree.

What works for you on those mysterious people who disappear and never reappear again? I know, I know, each case is different, but where do you check besides the mainline genealogy sites?

One site that led to my break-through over the week-end was Library and Archives Canada, section on Land Records. Through one of their databases I was able to place my ancestor in Alberta earlier than I realized he was there. Also found his wife’s name (after verifying it with other sources) who also bought two parcels of land.

Today I discovered Archive.org has Alberta Homestead Records online, and they are downloadable. I am mildly annoyed tho because the titles say Alberta Homestead Records 1870-1940 but when reading the description it says “documents related to Alberta homestead claims filed between 1870 and 1930“. That leaves a ten year gap, in which my relative falls.

So either there’s a discrepancy between the two, or I don’t understand enough about it yet. Looks like I’ll be doing some intense digging.