Great read from Amberly, the genealogy girl. LOVE her excitement and enthusiasm in this post.


Dyea Trail Canyon, 1898 - Dawson, AlaskaPostcard found in a Duval Family photo album.

Last week I watched the Discovery Channel mini-series Klondike.

Oh boy!

My mind has not been able to stop ever since.

See these people?

Francis Cyprien & Alice Hyde DUVAL

They are my 2nd great grandparents Francis Cyprien Duval & Alice Hyde.

They got married in Dawson, Alaska on 12 November 1897.

The gold rush in Dawson started in July of 1897 after gold was discovered in 1896.  They were totally there for the gold rush.  This was not completely new information.  I knew when and where they got married.  I have done some basic research on Dawson.  I knew about the gold rush.  I had read about Chilkoot Pass.  I had looked at a map.  But none of it totally sunk in until I watched Klondike.

Why?  Well, Frank was an adventurer who moved all around.  I wrote about him here.  And Alice was…

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