How many times have you had someone come up to you and question why you would want to do ancestral research? Probably more times than you can count. Until the bug “bites them”, they will go on thinking you are slightly daft.

Don’t be discouraged by their incredulous inquiries. Or their questioning of your sanity. WE are the normal ones. We are the chosen ones to carry on our ancestors’ history, and their lives. What a privilege. And what a opportunity we miss if we do not keep an open mind to these negative inquiries.

A few years ago, to gain more genealogy research experience, I did a short, simple tree for a friend of his first few generations. He hadn’t asked for it. When I presented it to him, he seemed unimpressed, and wondered aloud why anyone would be interested in those ancient people. But he did thank me.

Since then he has joined Ancestry, and is interrogating me about where he can find more info. Turns out he thought he couldn’t do it. He had always wanted to, but never attempted it because it seemed too overwhelming.

So be a cheerleader. Be a leader, or a guide, or a professor. Especially be contagious! The world needs more genealogists and lovers of history. So spread those crazy daft germs. Perhaps you’ll infect someone else!